How to make zero-waste Vegetable Broth & Salmon with Vegetables - COMFORTABLY COOKED by PILAR

This is Chef Pilar Rigon from Mille Nonne! #IStayHome and I share some recipes & tricks with you! Today LEARN HOW TO MAKE YOUR OWN VEGETABLE BROTH, and cook with ZERO WASTE SALMON & VEGGIES!

Special Thanks to @imperfectfoods During the Coronavirus pandemic, we’ve decided to take a pause from our shop and stay home, doing our part in all this. Mille Nonne shop in LES NYC will be temporarily closed (but we promise we’ll re-open as soon as possible). Meanwhile… Italian Comfort Food means making you feel more comfortable in this difficult moment, being able to combine a few ingredients you can easily find!

I welcome you to our house. Nothing fancy, everything real, “house-made” simple food, some grandmas’ advice and our modern Italian recipes based on sustainability and zero waste approach! Subscribe to our channel on for more authentic, low-waste Italian Recipe!

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