Shared Happiness is Key

Providing happiness through amazing quality food in a casual, easy & sustainable way. That’s one of our biggest goals. We want to share the amazing sensation that good, healthier food gives us.

We want to be happy together, not alone. In order to do that, our food must be delicious, healthier, authentic, sustainable & affordable, and served with a smile on the face.

Oh, wait, that’s exactly what we do!

Bringing Comfort Food Out of its Comfort Zone

Bringing comfort food out of its comfort zone, creating healthy committed chef quality meals for the “to-go”/casual food industry is possible: we have witnesses here!

If you are in a rush but would still like to try - and maybe share - an amazing, sustainable meal with a real story behind, you should be able to do it.

There are so many challenges out there and we have to take them all: helping to protect the planet, supporting good food producers and local communities, providing healthier nutrition possibilities, and keeping every bite yummy and delicious.

Now it’s time for big changes, and we want to change the comfort food game for the better.

Mille Nonne Means a Lot

Mille Nonne means "A Thousand Grandmothers" and it’s an endearing tribute to the Italian tradition of handing down secret family recipes to the next generations.

We offer selected Italian dishes with healthy-committed chef quality and delicious taste, both in revisited/classic and plant-based versions.

Modern, sustainable, healthier and affordable, Mille Nonne is going to take you to the future of comfort/casual food.

Staying Committed At Every Step, Even Outside the Kitchen

Staying committed to the environment, to the best ingredients, to our customers, to community, workers and partners is our commitment.

Supporting good ingredients, grown and produced by people who care about the environment, it’s something we feel strongly about.

Ultimately it is a matter of respect: for the environment; respect for our recipes roots (where we are from); for those that love our food, for the ones that work with us in making it happen and for those who have always supported us.