Simple Doesn't Mean Easy (At All)

Meet the chef and co-owner

My name is Pilar Rigon and I’m Chef and Co-Owner of Mille Nonne. Born and raised in Italy, I became a happy New Yorker few years ago.

I was introduced to the magical world of cooking by my mom, a great cook that taught me secret family recipes and brought me with her to food markets since the age of 5.

When I arrived in New York I had a hand-written recipe book, little money and big dreams. Living in this sparkling city and even finding myself lactose-intolerant brought me to develop a personal touch on Italian cuisine.

After I met Bernardo Notargiacomo, my husband, business partner and creative part of the cake, we came out with a new formula. It is based on selected delicious Italian dishes, amazing care for quality, taste for what’s next in terms of sustainability and an obsession for creating happiness.

In two words, Mille Nonne.